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Begin building your growth playbook today!

The Business Growth Playbook Workshop is your key to growth in 2020.

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Uncover the keys to grow your business:

Build your playbook for business growth in 2020 with the experts from Wendt Partners, all for a budget-friendly investment. Your workshop includes:

  • A full-day business growth workshop facilitated by a senior partner and Chief Growth Officer from the Wendt Partners team.
  • Pre-workshop planning session to tailor content for your business.
  • Guided discussion and key decisions addressing business strategy, brand strategy, CRM, sales and marketing.
  • Post-workshop growth playbook summary, presented in person to the CEO for action.

       Workshop Fee: $5,000

Wendt Partners helped us align effectively so that our business strategy, brand vision, marketing message and sales efforts all worked hand-in-hand. They also served as an ex officio member of our executive team, building trust that led directly to our growth and success.

Kathy Clark

CEO, Smarthinking, Inc.

Begin the year ready to grow!

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Plan for success by addressing these key questions:


How can we prepare and configure the business to scale smoothly over time?

Owner's Objectives

What objectives do we need to plan for so that the business grows?

Brand Position

How can we create a well-defined brand position in the marketplace?

CRM Strategy

Which business relationships can we leverage to drive new sales?

Sales Process

What channels should we use to drive lead generation and nurturing?

Marketing Integration

How do we craft targeted content that resonates and supports sales?
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